Andy Torres, Helped me rent a home in Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Lauren was professional and made it a seamless process. I will use her again and recommend that other use her also. Her easygoing style made it a good experience under my circumstances and I appreciated it. She also braved a storm that knocked the power for about 75% of the state and remained in contact throughout the four days that we didn’t have power. Thanks Lauren!

Ashley Vincent, Bought a home in Warrenville, Ashford, CT

She was an absolute blessing! You will not be disappointed! She worked so hard to get us our forever home. We cannot explain how much she did for us but we can say that you won’t find anyone else that will work as hard as her.

ricubster0, Sold a Single-Family home in Chaplin, CT

Brenda was professional, consistent and had our best interests at heart. The entire process of selling a home and moving are very stressful. Brenda helped us in all aspects of selling our home. The initial walk through, was informative and so helpful. She helped me to see it was possible and reassured me that, though this would be stressful, she would do everything possible to make the transition easier. Brenda then photographed the home, had it listed on Zillow the next day, and we began getting offers that first week. We had an offer within three weeks and our house sold. Brenda was wonderful. She answered all our questions -emails or texts returned immediately! Brenda Milhomme Realty Group works for you! She was on our side and when I was overwhelmed, she reassured me and sold our home!!! Brenda was there for us, not just for a commission, but to help us with selling our home so we could move into our new home in South Carolina. She cares, she is excellent and even dealing with difficult agents, and our buyer’s agent was very difficult, Brenda handled each demand or problem efficiently, guided us in our decision -BUT ALWAYS had our best interest in mind and not her own! If you need an agent that will, support you, keep your interests at heart and follow through? Then you MUST use Brenda Milhomme Realty Group. 

tjwaaw, Sold a Single-Family home in Coventry, CT

It was a pleasurable experience having Brenda sell our home. Brenda made this easy for us, it only took 6 days to sell our home. Brenda takes the time to walk us through every step. Thank you, Brenda Milhomme.

zuser20150315100202324, Bought a Single-Family home in Tolland, CT

Brenda is very detail and customer oriented. She was amazing throughout our entire home buying process. Brenda is a fierce person to work with as she makes sure her client’s needs are met at every twist and turn of the process. Going into the home buying process many people are hesitant. This was not the case with Brenda at our side. She was able to gain our full trust and commitment from the start. We will continue to stay loyal to her and work with Brenda whenever there is a needless 

Kevin Brazee, Sold a Single-Family home in South Windsor, CT

Brenda helped me sell my house via a short sale. Her years of experience and her approach and patience made the process go very smoothly. She basically gave me free advice and explained all the possible scenarios. Then she asked me what I needed to get accomplished. She gave me time to figure out what worked best for me and let me decide on my own time. Since I had to move out of state to find a job Brenda handled all the specifics with the house and the closing. I could not have done it without her.

kjbrazee, Sold a Single-Family home in South Windsor, CT

Going through a short sale is a very difficult life event as you can imagine. In working with Brenda, she helped me navigate all the potential potholes and areas of concerns. Brenda has both the many years of expertise in the area plus the patience and sincerity to work through the best paths for her clients. When Brenda and I first met there was not any pressure to have me sign anything. She talked through all the options (essentially free advice) and ask me what I need to get out of the short sale. When I told her, she met with me at a later date with all the paperwork. Still there was no pressure to sign anything. I was able to do that on my time. Also, as I had to move out of state to work Brenda took care of everything with my house. I would not have been able to sell it without her help and experience. Less 

ladfleischman, Sold a Single-Family home in Birchwood, Chugiak, AK

I found Brenda Milhomme to be a pleasure to work with in every way. She showed urgency when it was required, compassion when it was helpful, and responsiveness in all matters. I particularly like (even now that my house is sold) how she keeps everyone posted with brief, lively Facebook posts.

ChristianSnyder4, Bought a Single-Family home in Poquonock Bridge, Groton, CT

Excellent help, knowledgeable and fast. I found working with Brenda to be smooth sailing as the process should be. Buying a home for me was a mystery as a first-time buyer, but having a good realtor to explain things and remove any ambiguity in buying a home makes the process much less stressful.

Ted S., Sold a home in Windham, CT

Brenda went above and beyond to save the sale of my home. With the market for homes in this area and type very narrow she worked with the buyers too. I was already living out of state and she made everything go smoothly.

tammyleelitz, Bought a home

Brenda Milhomme is an excellent realtor. If you want someone to go that extra mile for you, she will. She’s has answered all my questions and if she couldn’t she found someone that could. Brenda was able to get our home in a record short time for a short sale. 3 months unheard of. Thanks to her we are very happy. 

sezold13, Bought and sold a home

I was a first-time home buyer, and she made it a great one! Answered any questions I had along the way! My house was a short sale, so we all know how long those take. Brenda was always pushing the bank and everyone else in her way to get me into my house. She was amazing, I will know exactly where to go for my next house adventure!

Tina Mcgee, Bought a Single-Family home in Tolland, CT.

Brenda is a very seasoned and very knowledgeable realtor and then some. Brenda puts forth 150% of herself to ensure an accurate and timely fashion with very important documents. Brenda not only is a wonderful Realtor but she’s full of zest, a positive person who is true to her clients and very honest. To Brenda, her clients come first in every aspect, day or night! I recommend Brenda in the highest regards. Brenda gets the job done and gets it done right, legally and timely. 

Bpmimi, Sold a home in Manchester, CT.

Brenda is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She kept us informed on appointments and negotiations. Our hour sold in 90 days which made us very happy. I highly recommend Brenda.

hannaha21, Bought a Single-Family home in Vernon, CT.

I have been thrilled with my choice of realtor. Brenda was wonderful from the very beginning. She communicates extremely well, and her bedside manner is also excellent. She is direct but kind. I felt she knew the area well, and immediately figured out my priorities. I trusted her judgement explicitly, and would again. She went above and beyond to help me get into the home of my dreams. 

joeb195666, Sold a Single-Family home in Coventry, CT.

We were very fortunate to have Brenda Milhomme recommended to us by a friend to be our selling agent. Brenda had a contract for us in only 24 days.

After the required inspection, there were several things that had to be repaired or resolved. Brenda took charge and reputable contractors were working at the house very quickly, and thanks to Brenda we closed as planned. We doubt whether we would have made it without Brenda. She has the most amazing “can do” attitude and the energy to back it up.

We recommend Brenda without reservation. You can’t go wrong with her.

Ernestine Beaudry, Sold a Single-Family home in Putnam, CT.

Brenda was great, sold our house in 26 days! She is smart, energetic, positive, keeps you up to date on every detail. Easy to work with and has a great sense of humor. Wish we had her the first time we tried to sell our house. I would recommend Brenda to anyone who is looking to buy or sell.